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The Tribute of Dr. Nathie Marbury

Houston Black Deaf Advocates (HBDA) is sad to announce that Dr. Nathie Marbury passed away on Monday, April 15, 2013 at her home. 

Nathie earned her Bachelor's degree from Gallaudet University and her two Master's degrees from California State University at Northridge (CSUN) in 1976. She had completed her doctoral coursework in applied linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She also completed her doctorate in Deaf studies/Deaf education at Lamar University in 2007.

Nathie had conducted a large number of workshops and seminars all over the United States and Canada. She had taught at schools for the deaf, universities/colleges, and community colleges over the last 35 years. She had made a variety of videotapes for several companies over the last 25 years. Nathie mainly taught ASL classes at Austin Community College.

Nathie was a member of HBDA affiliated with National Black Deaf Advocates. She was a wonderful supporter of HBDA as members and friends enjoyed her ASL storytelling. Nathie will be greatly missed.

Information from: ASL-Interpreter Training Program at Austin Community College 

Dr. Nathie Marbury

Dr. Nathie Marbury and people with admiration at the auditorium of
Austin Community College - Riverside Campus for an event honoring her on March 2, 2013


Shawn Richardson and Dr. Nathie Marbury

The latest photo: Shawn Richardson and Nathie
at the library of ACC during the same event on March 2, 2013.



Margo Jarreau and Nathie at McGregor Park for
Southwestern Region Black Deaf Advocates Cookout on October 3, 2009.




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